Travel Diary

I would prefer spending all my life savings on traveling around the globe with a backpack and a sleeping bag than settling for a fancy mansion and a chic car in any one particular city.

Fortunately, I was very privileged to travel and stay at dozens of different places (on three different continents) and experience the thrills of a nomadic life.

These are some of the chapters of that journey. 


  1. HI Dhara,

    Your blog is very inspirational and funny. I read a your blog consicutively but lately i have not been visiting, i am not in a good shape. I am physically very weak right now, got lots of health problems and i am mostly unable to eat, even doctors help is not being enough.

    I dont want to impose on you or anything but can i ask for an advice?

    I was in a long distance relation with a guy i met online, we promised we will meet on his birthday but i joked with him that i wont be coming few months before his birthday. SO he just started talking less with me and on my birthday(which is just few days before his) he left me saying "i am not capable of handling a gf right now" .. later on as i couldn't control myself i asked him and he had found a new gf while he was still in relation with me and I felt miserable knowing this. I asked him why he did that and he just said he was bored. Now i told him a lot of things just in case he can be reminded of the love we shared together. But he asked me den what about my new gf? ... that breaks me even more.. I feel angry bt i am sad too....

    Everyone around me has given a lot of advice but I dont know none of it soothes me. Can you give me some words of peace? please? I am in need of some inspiration... I need to know that there are nice guys out there and that I might have a chance at love.... is it going to be possible didi? My health is suffering but more then that, my heart aches, it feels so strange and sick right now. this is like an sos... help me please :(

    a known but want to be anonymous person

    1. I am sorry for a late reply. I was just stuck in few things.
      I am glad that you came to me for advice, even though I think I might not be the best person.
      About your situation, my suggestion might be hard for you to implement, but I am sure it is the best thing to do. Even though love and a healthy relationship is one of life's best pleasure, it is not everything. At least not something you should get sick and worsen your health for.
      You should let things go. From what you described, that person is definitely not the right person for you. Instead, use your energy in something constructive. I know it will be hard, but with few distractions, it will work. Chose your favorite hobby and do it everyday, Listen to uplifting music, travel, be with your friends and family, who care for you, read books that would help you shape in to a confident person. Respect yourself and do not waste your emotions and energy behind someone who wouldn't want you or respect you.
      Again, all these will be hard, but trust me one day you will look behind and smile on how silly you were to cry for someone. :)
      P.S. As you said, we are not strangers. In that case, I would love if you tell me who you are. I might be more helpful that way.

      Good luck :)

  2. Thank you for the kind advice kittu...

    I am doing very well now, my health has improved and I am doing my best again.. I decided to put my past in the past and give myself another chance to live and thrive. I can go on and on about me but I just want to say... Reading about Nidhee's life.. I have no sorrows left anymore! I understand the quote now.. "Don't regret growing old, it's a pleasure denied to many."

    I have air in my lungs and Beats in my hearts and as long as I have them both, I will have a purpose to live and do something for someone, even if it's small..

    Thanks Dii :) Love you