Friday, February 28, 2014

Woof Woof!

Hewo Humanz,

I is Cannelle. Mufmy says d cannelle means d cinnamon. I is a three year old Yorkshire Bichon puppy. Tooday is my buffday. In d humanz year I juz turned 21. I can drinkz and marry now. I stayz in the cold, but beautiful Paris. I logged in to my mami's bloggerf and postings my cool pucturz. I is very awesome, trust me.

I love eatyz, playz, nappyz, sunshines, different foodiez, window lookingz and bedyz. I doonut like big doggyz n disturbance while sleepyz. I kiss d familiz a lot. We call it d bisou.

I stay wif my mufmy, grandpapa, grandmama and small mama. My biggerz mama and mami stay awayz. Dey all are d humanz, but dey are familiz.

Check me out. I is purdy.
 Wen I was one year old. I is cute wif brown earz. Mufmy sayz I is Cannelle beecouse I has the brown earz.

I like d colorful drezzis. I is a bride now.

 I is jealous of my buffday gift.

 I love the snoweyz. I feel like white cub. Ament I the heroz?

 The humanz from d familiz did the chrimus tree. I check.

 Shoppinz time. I pickey my food.

 Very loohtle option for d toyz.

 Ohh waiteez. I found something me like.

 I like the brown onez.

 I get thiz, humanz?

 Shoppinz for some style. Many doggiez come to see me in d park n say "bow WOW"

 Come out n playee with me mateyz

 I love lap nappyz in the car.

 My favorite spot in the homey. I get sunshines n I do window watchingz.

 Sunshines is crayzy. They movin and shiftin :(

 What is d dealz wif you sunshines?

 Humanz caught me in my baggie. I love me baggy. I hatey when someone touch itz.

Tis is my house.

 When I angry wif d humanz, I hide here and watch dem find me. Dey say I is very spoiled n stubborn .

 Winnie is sooov irritatinz.

I is skypez wid mama mami in d Amurica.

I told yew I love the bedyz but only the humanz bedyz. #messyhurrdontcare

 Toyz I like not for long time. I get bored.

 Amint I the purdiest? 

 I was sick so I take my monekyz n sleep.

 I don like when d humanz liv me and go. I angry den I cry.

 Wen dey come for d vacationz I keep an eye on dem so that they don't liv me n go.

 D familiz are sometime annoyin

 oooo wassuuf! I was jooz catchn the nappyz.

 I hate clothez beecouse I is the nude artistz.

Dis is my pick-me-up-humanz-or-I-get-mad pose.

Okeey, I know you liked me. Nize to meeeet you. If wonz I know you, I always love you.

I go now for the eatyz n wayt for my buffday cake n gift,


Cannelle (wooof)


Can't believe she just did that, but yeah, she is awesome that way.
Happy Birthday my baby. I miss you.