Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 things only Indian girls who grew up in 90s can understand

And by Indian girls, I mean girls who grew up in India.

1. It doesn't matter if it was you or just your mom who watched the soap operas, you will however, never forget this day.

2. We had long discussions with our friends about which one was cooler between them.

and these

or among them

or weirdly, between these
The one on the right was scented so we know who the winner was

3. Cell phone was a luxury, hence we had an emotional relationship with one of these. 

4. They were our rock-stars. We had their audio cassettes and we definitely danced on one of their songs.

5. But we couldn't stop talking about them either. Which one were you? I was Sporty Spice.

6. We shared this with friends and also recorded our personal playlist.

7. They were ready to sing for us anytime we wanted to go exotic. We listened to 'Quit playing games with my heart' was are "taunting" song.

8. Television time was not just about crying, bitching and plotting.

9. Cartoons were better & funnier than the Disney channel. We knew the title song to each one of them, in English AND in Hindi.

10. And the title song to this one, still make our eyes wet with nostalgia.

11. How about a little embarrassment? Let's talk about fashion. (Embroidery jeans, bell sleeves and velvet bell bottoms - RAD)

 12. Admit it, you too had one of those shiny pants. 

P.S. This was the coolest movie of our times

13. These were our hot wheels

14. Until they showed up.

15. We have all taken our best shoes out and have done this at least once.  And boys, this is how we discovered Ayesha Takia, way before y'all did. If you know what I mean ;-)

16. This was the first English movie we watched, however we refrained from watching it with our family because of the painting and the car sex scene.
We hated the end. Why can't the keep they main actor alive, like Bollywood does!!!

17. While we are at sad endings, her death was the hardest thing to deal with.
Watch the stairs lady!

18. This is what we read the most in our library period.

19. Birthdays were taken way too seriously.

20. And we not just filled, but owned one of these bad boys.

21. Friendships day was bigger than Diwali and we always wanted to be the one with the highest number of friendship bands on hand.

22. But it was always hard to find one of these.

23. Then SHE came in our life and we were always out of our pocket money,

Because we wanted to get one of these.

24. Remember that crazy trend of tattoo Jewelry? How hot were we?!! :-|

25. We hated the moment every time our moms got this devil out.

26. And those five famine days when we couldn't eat anything because we wanted to do this.

27. Talk about food and we get the fanciest things today, but where can we find this?

28. Getting our first email address was the biggest accomplishment. Not to mention the cheesy usernames that we gave. What was yours,

29. This festival meant nine days of freedom. 

30. But the best part about growing up was our school.

*sob sob sob*

It doesn't matter what our personal evolution made us today, however these little things will always remain the most important part of our life.

Did I miss anything?