Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sup 2017!

Gosh, I've been on this blog after so long, it doesn't even recognize me anymore. It's giving me this cold look I usually get from my parents when I've haven't called them for weeks. But like family, I'll always come back to it. It's home.

I've been traveling so much, I felt like I've lost touch with my writing. Which is why I am here and plan to be here regularly. I need to reconnect with words. I will no longer wait for a perfect topic to write about or editing it. Henceforth, My Cactus Dress will be all about my ramblings and non-stop chitter-chatter. I'll talk about my book, books that I am reading, art, food, travel, science, movies and TV, and any thing under the sun that inspires me to form words about it.

Like 2015, I was not able to post a 2016 year-end post, because life (read procrastination), but let me update you on my 2017 so far.

I was visiting India and France from the beginning of the year. I got to attend a wedding for the first time in five years, the last wedding being my own wedding. I danced like nobody's business, I ate a ton of food and put on 3kgs (yes!), I didn't get sick, I ate mangoes, I celebrated five happy years of my marriage, I conversed intimately with the mountains (my favorite part), I danced in snow a little, I legit had a silent conversation with a baboon, and had the most amazing time with my family.

If you don't already know, I've been working struggling to finish my first novel since more than a year. It's a dystopian science-fiction novel about two different worlds and its residents crossing paths. More details about the book here.

So far, I've written two drafts. My main story is out on paper, but I am still working on little details, world building, and some new characters that were born after I finished my first draft. I learn something new every time I sit down and write my book, which adds to some extra work. My plan and my biggest dream was to publish my book before I turn 30, which is March 23rd this year. I am more than confident to declare that's not going to happen. I've sulked enough over this fact and I am not going to do that anymore. I am just going to get it done this year.

I have finished reading only one book so far this year, a book that I started in 2016!! That makes my goal of reading 40 books in 2017 a tad bit irrational. Which apparently makes me a deadbeat in one more department.

On the bright side, after taking over 3 dozen flights from and to the US in the past 9 years, I was held at the immigration at LAX for the first time, when I flew from France last month. It included a mildly invasive pat down and sitting in the immigration office for more than 45 minutes (only to be told I was fine to go after checking my passport and documents). Fortunately, I didn't have a connecting flight to catch. Did I say "bright side"? I need sarcasm fonts.

After being away from home for almost two months, I am glad to be back. I am a bit salty right now, but I am sure I will get my groove back in no time. I promise.

How was your 2017 so far?

P.S. Elon Musk is sending two people to the moon and I am depressed about the fact that I am not one of them.

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  1. The fact that you couldn't do much reading (and blog posting) in 2016 shows you've been doing a lot lately. All the best for your novel. Looking forward to it...will give me some bragging rights among my friends. Keep us posted.

    2017 has been a bad year thus far for me, especially on the professional front. My company has been downsizing, and asked many of my time members to leave (my latest post is about this event). Such things can be hard on those who are retained as kinda dampens your morale, especially when some of those who were fired were like family, and hardworking and diligent workers.

    Loved reading.

    Updated my blog. Do drop by.



Sup 2017!

Gosh, I've been on this blog after so long, it doesn't even recognize me anymore. It's giving me this cold look I usually get f...