Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Every. Single. Night

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four... sheeeep, ship, sheeeeep, why have the teens started using the word "ship" for "relationship"?... 'pyaar ki kashti mein'.... Hrithik does not look like Bradley Cooper... when will the next season of The Big Bang Theory start? I miss Sheldon Cooper, Bazingaaaaaa....What happened to that Priety Zinta case? *checks cellphone for updates*... are my pupils shrinking right now?.. I did this experiment in school.. I miss school... I wish I was in Monsters University... would they allow me to scare kids?.. kids are so cute, but puppies are cuter.. I want a German Sheperd.. no no.. a Labrador.. no a Northern Inuit, like Jon Snow's and the siblings'.. ewww The Mountain was so gross..Where was that ship going with The Imp in it?.. He is the most important character on the show. Is that why he is The Imp?.. tuition teacher use to write IMP on every page that was supposed to be read before the exam day.. tuitions are so overrated in India... I would have had 5000 hours of naps if there were no tuitions.. I love naps.. Why can't nights be about a lot of small naps.. They are, aren't they? why do they call it a nap.. is it because kids take more naps and kids were nappies, hence naps?.. can girls wear small nappies in their period when there is heavier flow?.. ewww we would look ridiculous.., but we can get a booty like JLo, Why did they allow her to make a FIFA World Cup song? That song is just noise.. Shakira, always go for Shakira.. OMG, we danced to "Whenever, Wherever" in school, in the staff-room, just for teachers! What the hell were we thinking... I like how an invisible bulb lights up on our head, when we get an idea.. I wish I had a real star for a bulb.. Universe is so huge, Solar system is so interesting.. Why did they kick Pluto out.. It was my favorite.. In the absence of Gravity, I would float and go meet people from all the countries...What if airplanes just wait in the sky and wait for the earth to move!.. Did I leave the microwave open? I see can see some light in the kitchen?, Are the windows of the living room closed?.. what is that noise? Is someone trying to break-in? I can hear whispering.. No one would try breaking-in.. This house is on the main street, the police would come faster than the bullet.. what if I was a police? How does it feel to catch a thief?.. Am I on the right track of life?.. Am I doing the right things with my life?.. What if I get very sick one day? What if my loved ones dies? life is so short.. I should starting going out more.. get more sun and fresh air..I should do a OITNB marathon tomorrow, in the couch whole day...What should I eat tomorrow? I want to eat Broccoli.. Does Broccoli know that it looks like Cauliflower?, What if they talk inside the fridge? Like bitching about how roughly I chopped some of them... so they hate me now.. What if everyone talks? What if Toy Story is real.. It should be.. I have a minion toy, if Toy Story is real, I can have a real talking minion.. Where can I learn Minion's language? I need to learn French.. I am so lazy... Merde... What if I start learning Spanish instead? Spanish is easy... 'Para Espanol, presione uno'.. Do I still have my Uno cards?.. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro.. omg it's 4am.. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep.......