About me

I love the smell of books, burning wood, freshly baked bread & freshly brewed coffee. Petrichor (scent of a rain) (found out a couple of days ago!) transports me to a whole different world.

I prefer smell over pictures to preserve a memory.

After studying culinary arts as a subject for three years, I realized cooking was/is my biggest passion and to be a successful chef is one of my biggest dreams.

I loathe shopping and malls give me headaches. Chocolates & Desserts doesn't make me salivate. I cannot tolerate pink everywhere.

I LOVE animals. Every kind.

I am going to say the most cliched sentence now- Music is my life. But it's the truest sentiment. I cannot pass a single day without it.

Pink Floyd changed the way I saw the world. 

I can spend weeks by myself and not get bored. I prefer staying indoors except for adventures.

I choose the scariest ride while at an amusement park, but can easily get car-sick.

I dream to live at least six months in every era that ever existed. History was my favorite subject in school.

I fantasize a lot about time traveling. I think about it all the time.

I would love to live in the world of witches, dragons, unicorns, mermaids & elves.

I am addicted to HD wallpapers of starry night sky, nebula, galaxies, star clusters or the space.

If I get to live my life again, I would work hard as much as I have to and become an astronaut.

I have traveled to six countries and numerous cities from which, I have stayed in eight cities on three different continents. It helps me see the world a lot differently.

If I was granted one superpower, I would opt for "Teleportation".

One of my biggest goals is to cover as much part of the globe as I can. Traveling is what I love more than anything and that justifies my choice of superpower.

I want The Andrew Oldham Orchestra's "The Last Time" to be my funeral song. 

John Lennon's "Imagine" is my anthem.

I am thinking about Time Traveling right now.

I feel intense sadness for racists,  homophobes, casteists & sexists. 

I am an agnostic, but I still respect everyone's opinion unless they don't use them to create differences.

Geography cannot decide my nationality. I am & will always be an Indian from heart. You say one wrong thing about my country, I punch you.

I wish compassion and respecting each other's race, nationality, religion or ethnicity was just common sense.

In this world of hatred and chaos, I strongly believe that the good will always outweigh the bad. 

I always see my glass half-full.

Nature lover.

Rain, to-go coffees, F.r.i.e.n.d.s, mushrooms & broccoli, candles, music, Pink Floyd, nature, Earl Grey, music boxes, ink pens, paints, tomato juice, the universe, mystic art, books, crafts, war history, geography, geopolitics, adventure, movies, Chrissie Hynde, "November Rain" -GN'R, confetti, olives, stationaries, fall, cottages, coconuts, Band of Brothers >>> All me

The list grows with each passing day..

However nothing is above the love of my life. He calls me wife. 

This blog is a collection of random thoughts and the haywire stories of my forever nomadic life. Read my blog posts to learn the metaphor of my blog's name.

If you are going to read just one post of mine, ignore all my jibber jabbar and read either this or this. They are my personal favorites and very close to  my heart.

Feel free to leave an honest feedback. Positive or negative, I can gulp!

Now, go. There's someone watching you through your window.


  1. A very interesting introduction Dhara! Crisp and to the point! :)

  2. It was nice knowing about you.
    A captivating intro! :)

    1. Thank you Srishti. Sorry for replying one year late.

  3. How come i did not notice this earlier.But glad now i did read :)
    Nice to know what you wanted to let know :D ..more shall be explored through your posts..Even i liked history once i understood how to actually go about it.And yes power of teleportation sounds the best ;)

  4. Read some of your posts. Special mention for the open letter to the rapists, and Being Mrs. Didnt know mba-s can be so interesting people. You changed my opinion, slightly.

    1. Glad to break your conception :)

  5. Surprisingly, after so many days of going through your posts.. I suddenly realize that I never actually read your 'About Me' page! And only after I read it now, that I've come to fully believe it when you say that we've been separated in that "kumbh ke mele waale.." accident! :D SO MANY SIMILARITIES!
    And soon to be another one - I'm moving to Florida come August, but would still punch someone if they say one wrong thing about India! :)

    1. Oye.. I was in Tampa, Florida too, for a year in 2008-2009. Which city are you going??? Ab toh I have serious doubts about khumb mela!! :O
      Not that I can do anything from California, but do let me know if you need any help that is doable by me.

    2. Now this is becoming rather creepy! :O but I'm moving to Tallahassee.. about to share alma mater with Jim Morrison! :D The one before UCLA, that is.. Thank you so much for your sincere offer of help.. that day, few of us friends were discussing how most from our college circle are in the east coast of USA and none in the west.. well, now I know I've got one! :)

    3. I know. Very creepy.
      I've never been to Tallahassee, but you'll enjoy in Florida. It's sunny and you have Disney World!! What else we need in life.. lol
      Congratulations for scoring Jim Morrison's university. =D
      I have a ton of friends in Florida/East coast too, but very less over here in the west coast.