Thursday, December 13, 2012

Letter to 16 year old me

16 year old me

Sup!!! you little nerd.

Yes, it's me and yes I called you nerd because at present no 16 year old sits home all day & watch Captain Planet!!
Right now, you are too young to understand what I really want to tell you and probably too old to make you do stuff I want to make you do so, I am just gonna go ahead and tell you some straight facts.

Drop that cheese cube right now!! Do not listen to anyone asking you to put on weight. Your future husband likes you skinny!
There is no perfection like being yourself. You'll go way above every person you want to trade your life with.

Marriage is not melodrama, quit watching soap operas. Now! I am not gonna burst the bubble, but you are going to acquire things you wouldn't expect in your wildest dreams.

There is NO place like home. Na uh...

No, India is not where you'll stay forever. You can cry now.

Cherish every moment you have with mom and dad. You have very less time on your hand

Treasure & love every girlfriend you have right now. They are the only one sticking to you until eternity, no matter how many friends you make on your way.

You get disciplined with age - myth.

Your body grows with age - myth. You are gonna stay the same size. Make your peace with it.

You would actually "love" working!

You'll see places.

Read, read, read and read a lot.

On a lighter note,
You'll love Phoebe more than Rachel, once you watch all the seasons!

That huge movie, your classmates talking about - do not regret on missing it. The lord of the rings is over rated.

On a wiser note, life right now seems so limited to you, but its not. You have a lot to see, a lot to experience & a lot to learn however, there is one thing I want you to know. Sometimes, even after winning everything you craved in life, you are never contended just because the journey wasn't right enough. Does the end justify the means? Yes and no. You'll find the answers!

Righteousness and humbleness - Never ever leave this two guys
The only reason why the best person on earth seems annoying to you right now, while a mediocre manages to capture a place in your heart - Humbleness. Be modest to everyone you meet on your way. There would be nothing that would make you feel better than that.
Globally, the world is going to evolve a lot faster than you could ever imagine. I know how happy you feel right now with the first email account you made yourself, but that's NOTHING!
You are going to shop, lying lazily on the couch wearing your sweats!

Relief, isn't it?

Leave the worries & live every moment like there is no tomorrow. Make mistakes, but learn from it. Dream big. Life is beautiful and it will shape you in to a respectful adult.

Unfortunately, this informative letter is not changing anything that is gonna come ahead, but there is nothing precious than receiving a cool letter from a much better you! eh!

A little older, but wiser,


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 things I would take to the grave

I have never embraced materialism because I don't find ever lasting happiness in it. On the other hand, I easily gain attachment to the things, that embarks a particular memory in my life.

I am a strong Arian. I carry my whole world with me, wherever I go. I love preserving things that remind me of something or someone & there are few things I would want to keep forever.

1. I never had a passionate or a cheesy affection to Eiffel tower, like most people have. Neither did I feel anything different when I saw it for the first time however; it secured a special place in my life when I went to the top of the tower with my husband.

This is a miniature Eiffel tower my papa (father-in-law) gave it to us. It’s very exquisite & the work is so detailed. If you set up itty-bitty people & a tiny city around it, It would appear as realistic as the real one. I think, its one of the most beautiful thing I own. 


Another Eiffel Tower! (the one on the right) 
This was gifted by my dad when I was departing for France. He is not expressive but, I was really touched when he removed this tiny silver Eiffel Tower from his pocket & gave it to me at my farewell party. 
It is now attached to our home keys. 

3. My music box

I am crazy for this little wonder. I was awed when I saw it. I bought this from the gift shop of Ch√Ęteau de Fontainebleau  (The palace of Fontainebleau) located around 45 minutes from Paris. 
Fontainebleau is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It has a wide area covered by a forest, popular for hiking & that lovely place on earth where my husband proposed me!

It has the picture of Napoleon Bonaparte on the box & I would like to believe that the music box was made during his times & he left one for me!!
It produces a very fine & soothing music when you churn the handle. The sound is created by the steel bristles rolling over the tiny embossed dots on the cylinder. I could play with it the whole day & not get enough of it.


I am a huge fan of stationery, especially Ink pens. The silver pen is the watermark Ink pen, the first gift from my husband & the blue pen is the pen we signed our marriage certificate with. It says the name of the mairie of France where we got registered. 
Both pens wrote the beginning to a splendid journey & I would like to preserve it for the rest..


Ahhh! Another vintage collection. This pocket watch was gifted to me by my brother on the occasion of rakshabandhan. It is very elegant & precious. It has a nice smudgy copper color, a long chain with a clip & the Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame & the Arc de Triomphe of Paris embossed on  it.

I don’t mind sounding dork. I love pocket watches!!


One of my other obsession – Candles!

I love them in any shapes or sizes. This lantern was sent to me by my mother-in-law. She bought it from a store in Paris but, it looks very rustic & ancient like it was from olden days. It holds tealight candles & has a chimney on the top to push the aroma of the scented candles. 

Ahhhhh.. Blissful!

“Yes, I will!”
Do I need to say more?
It’s the box of the ring my husband slipped in to my finger while I was sleeping, on a flight!! This, I would definitely take it to my grave! 


I actually bought this one for my official chore, while I was working but, I ended doing a lot more with it. It has almost all my sketches, quotes, some Kurt Cobain lyrics, journal entries & very little work stuff!
From then, it has always been with me & has become a very important part of my life.
Yes, the guitar sticker on it is pretty ruined!


I am not a flowery, ornamental person but, at weddings you do everything! I bought these flowers along with my white dress & wore it in my hair on my wedding in France. It was an official wedding to sign the marriage certificate in the court as my husband is French.
I kept the dress in France, as it was too heavy & huge to get here but, I brought these beautiful little flowers & they would always stay with me as a memory of that special day.


I never knew this ritual in the Indian weddings before, as I hardly attended any!
They make the groom & bride wear this chain from the start & usually stays with them, until everything is finished. I have to still find the real purpose of this but, I loved how we had to be at a close distance all the time because of this chain. =D
On the right is the photograph, showing how it's worn during the ceremony. Again, something that reminds me of the special day.


Isn't this the sweetest. It’s a pendant or a key chain  whatever one would say. My husband gave this to me on the wedding day. I was quite surprised, as he is too robust to buy gifts like this. After our wedding he had to leave for the US & I had to stay back in France to finish my studies.

Separation right after marriage! Duhhhh..

He removed the groom from the ring & asked me to keep it. He kept the bride! (So cheesy! I know.) 

When I moved back with him here in California, we united the couple & they now sit happily on a Frame!


There it is! A few tits & bits of my life I would want to keep with me forever..
There are few more, at my parents' house but, I would post them once I visit India.

I know this list would never stop...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being Mrs.

I know, very obvious. Almost every girl born ends up being a wife someday, at least an Indian girl does. However, those of you who knew me well, also knew I wasn't someone who would be one, definitely not this soon. But, yes that happened & for good.
I dreaded from the idea of being in a wedlock because somewhere I always knew I was not ready. I coherently kept pushing & made my master’s degree, another excuse to get away from it. (sneaky, I know!)

MBA degree promises a lot of prospectus & ambitions but, who the heck knew my MBA degree would promise me a husband!!

After finishing half the duration of my MBA, I met my love in Paris. My husband describes our first encounter in a much better way than I do but, for me it was not ordinary either. It was something I never ever imagined to be but, as they say, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. In no time we made our decisions, as he had to leave for the states for his Phd.

Getting our wedding dates was faster than the growth of likes on Eminem’s Facebook page!

The wedding was as random as my acquaintance with my husband.
I was an exceptional bride, who stayed with her husband & in-laws before the wedding & flew to the parents’ house 15 days prior, to attend her own wedding. 
Epic that was!

Indian weddings – yes, another reason I dreaded away from marriage.

Heavy dresses, shopping for them, layers of make-up, loud people, crowd, stress, parlor appointments, arrangements, socializing, inviting people, ughhh!!!!!
And to top it all, I only had 15 days to do all this as I had to return back to Paris, get a nice white dress & have another official wedding there!

Acne grew like unwanted weed in monsoon (gross!) because of the heat & stress & the junk food I hogged on, like India would soon be apocalyptic & there would no Indian food left!

I do not hesitate to whine because at the end of the day, I didn't mind any of them, when the moment came to stand beside him. 
To know that I would have the support & love of this wonderful man until my last breathe, was more than any random horrifying thought.
It was then, I realized, THIS was all I ever wanted..

I don’t even know how & where to start talking about my husband.

Okay! Let me try..

According to our Indian tradition, when the groom proceeds to the bride’s venue to get married, he is supposed to sit on his horse cart and from a good number of feet above the ground level, gaze around his insane, intoxicated dancer friends/relatives & brood about his last few moment as a bachelor.

From time to time he is pulled from his throne by one his loud uncle or his friends to join them and lift his feet & hands a couple of times. Particularly, the groom hesitates & denies with a constipated smile, sometimes genuinely and sometimes because of the pressure of being the groom.

And how much of a relief it is for the bride to live in this obvious scenario however that wasn't for me. My marriage date was postponed from 19th Jan to the 20th Jan because my crazy husband wouldn't stop dancing & arrived after 12 at midnight.
I think believe he forgot he was the groom & presumed he was some contestant at a dance reality show. He got rid of all the garlands & all that he is made to carry & kept dancing on his cart, until he was allowed to step on the ground and dance like Psy!

For the whole time, everyone around kept asking about who the groom really was because he didn't look like one. Unlike our classic scenario we talked above, it was him who pulled me, his friends & brothers to start dancing with him. He was dancing like no one was watching.(FYI, he wasn't drunk) He tore his foot wear & he still complains about how uncomfortable the dhoti was, disabling him to dance freely!! (Why am I complaining? Does it not mean that he was over joyed to marry me! *blink blink* =D)

And here I have this beautiful video to explain him visually. This is when he was forced to go back to his throne, wear the garlands & be ready for the rituals as they were already late. 

That's the classic Indian song on weddings

Yeah, that’s him!

Yeah, his cousin sister was embarrassed.

P.S. He was warned by the cart rider to stop doing that or else he had to get down!

And having this crazy person in my dull, boring life is a big giant cherry on the top. You won’t see a single chuckle on my face while watching the funniest movies. I really don’t know why. The concept of laughter is hard for me but, this very person makes me laugh with tears in my eyes & an urgent rush to the restroom. 


He made me realize too many things I wasn't able to see in the illusion of my own concepts. He made me believe if I can’t be myself, I can’t be anything. He teaches me how simplicity is better than any complexities of life. He makes me like myself, making me apparently like everyone around me.

More than love, I respect him for what he is. He is my mentor, my best friend, my parent, my motivator, my love & my soul mate.

Home is where he is. 

With all these frills comes a lot of responsibilities & duties along with a marriage but, for me, life couldn't have been simpler. I confess on getting lazier than I ever was. I was never so free, mentally & physically. Though I admit I was a workaholic & I loved being one, a part of me wanted to do a lot more and I have all the doors open now.

The only difference I see is the livret de famille (a kind of a marriage certificate in France) sitting in my drawer.

To sum it up, marriage isn’t that a big fuss people talk about, if it’s with the right person. For now we are two crazy buddies who eats marinara sauce every alternate day (more than the Italians), mock Salman’s & Akshay’s raunchy hilarious dialogues (dontttttt angry me!!), run World War II movie marathons, sing Troy & Abed Spanish rap & cherish the whole world, inside our own little home! :-)

In case, one wants to know, I sing Troy 's lines & he sings Abed's!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Name matters!

So, I probably have a twin soul breathing in the blog world, who happen to have the same blog name as mine. (A walk across the bridge) 


It would be unfair to her if I keep the same name, as I saw she had that for years. So, I am sticking to my same'ol name,

My Cactus Dress

And I have ripped the internet apart. No one has this one and...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My stream of roomies. Part l

While counting sheep last night, I plunged in to my pool of thoughts and wondered over the places I have been. The times I didn't have a permanent nest and I kept leaping from one place to another. And then I thought,
“What the heck! It’s a hell lot of girls I have stayed with!”

Now that I have an exquisite and permanent roommate I love to stay with, I can easily ponder over my memories of staying with all forms of roommates I had over all these year. Some were so blissful; I couldn't stop to be in touch with. They’ll be friends forever and some…
…. You’ll know!

It all started after high school, when I left my town.
My first and one of the best roommates:

Well, if I have to compare her to a movie character, she could easily fit in the role of Kajol from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!! Yeah right, Tussi bade mazaki ho (hitting you hard on arms)* kind.
She kept chattering nonstop until I dozed off. She just LOVED talking and that was one of the many reasons I always felt lively with her. We had a beautiful small house we shared with other girls and we loved it there, well sometimes! It was the first away-from-home experience for both of us and we both gave up at some point or the other. We had our own differences at times but, that didn't leave us to think any different about each other!! We were like a team creating troubles and sometimes landing in some. We ate nonstop at any time of the day. We would eat tons of food at 2.00 am and would puke the second morning but, we continued the vicious cycle. Life was so random with her that we used to have the morning coffee at petrol pumps from the wending machines and sometimes drank flavored milk from the cunning store wala next to our house. I know weird but, fun.
I could write without pausing on all the things I am remembering right now but, that wouldn't be fair. She was my roommate I had for the longest period of time and we ended staying roommates for all the years we were in the town. When we got our degrees at convocation, we were awarded together!! I told ya, we were a team.
She is now married to her love and moved to Canada from the US for good. I miss her.

I wish I could just say, “The name is enough!”
Tall, pretty, funny and well, in demand! She was the elder figure for me and Sweta, teaching us the ways of life. We sometimes got it, sometimes we pretended we got it and sometimes we didn't care. I would confess in having a lot of trouble with her but, soon after we finished our college, we couldn't get apart. Though it was hard to match up to her thoughts as we were complete different characters, I would say I did have a lot of fun in her company.
She was the Leah to my Juno.

If our college had a football team, she sure would be the cheerleader!
We separated as roommates in sometime however I used to visit her a lot and we had our share of fun.
She is married too, to her boyfriend in Australia.
P.S: Still a hottie!

It was sheer destiny how we met and in no time she packed her luggage and moved to our house. She was the person I could relate to a lot more than others, an artist, intellectual, music lover and a very chirpy person to be with. I loved her company. I was very brutal in teasing her and I knew she liked it too. The moment spent with her and other two girls were one of those moments for which I would be thankful all my life. We had unbelieving funny times like cats entering through windows and pawing on us while we were asleep, witnessing robbery which turned out to be a security check, a light bulb on street that always used to lit up when we walked through it (creepy) and so on. I loved her. Good times!!
She calls herself “Hinata Uzumaki” now, sells her art on Deviant Art  & married her longtime lover, whom she called her John Abraham.

The good girl among monsters!
It surprised me how every evening, without forgetting a single day; she would worship her god before she ate. She was very religious, calm and fun-loving daddy’s girl. She came with Paku and in no time became the closest friends to me and Sweta. She was a very lovely lady who had the faith in humanity and though we separated on our differences, we still talk endlessly and laugh on our good old days.
Again, happily married!

I am just waiting for her name to erupt because for hell sure she was a volcano. An independent, dominating weirdo, a Physiotherapist who used to get bones and skulls home every day and scared the hell out of us! We always used to wonder if she allowed her boyfriend to breathe some free air but, I was happy to know she married him and they are now the proud parents of a baby girl.
We lost contact when she left but, I just found her on Facebook few days back and am waiting for the lava!

Well, not exactly a roommate but, she shared our house for few weeks and ended being one of us. She was from my native town and thus we had a lot to share. She was and is very close to my sister, some call them twins and hence they created havoc when my sister visited us. I would rather not mention their acts here!!!
Right now…..earning big bucks in Bombay!! :D

The coolest roommate EVER!!
Yes! The one I was the most flexible with. She was a happy-go-lucky, enjoy-life-to-the-fullest kind of girl and that is what I loved about her. I liked how it was really easy to be with her not pretending to be something else. We shared the same interest in college, Food Production.
We wore our chef caps, tied our aprons, held the spatulas & ran to our college kitchen every time we got chance, while other girls re-did their make-up as hostesses. The best memory I remember was to cook delicacies the whole night before our college’s jungle theme event. I wish I had more time with her.

Happily Married and is now in the states.

Bee tee double-yew, when all your friends are married, you are probably old!

The roommate I was least connected to hence not much to share about. We didn't have anything in common except we shared the same home town. She was a beautiful dancer though.

It was when I moved to Jodhpur for my Industrial Training, I dived in to more diversity. Yana was a pretty roommate from Nagaland. My closest from all the three roommates I had, while I was there. Unfortunately, it was the worst & horrible period of my life, too rough to mention right now. Anyway, she was very helpful & supportive & I wish I could find any contact details on her.

Also, from Nagaland. Strange, little unfriendly but, I loved the way she pronounced my name.
Not much news of her either.

NIKITA (I guess):
She was my 3rd roommate in Jodhpur. She was from Tibet & she always kept asking me about how life is, in Mumbai. I really don’t know why. All I remember of her is that she was a Gutka pan addict!!!

My first roommate who was younger than me, I've always been the youngest.
My first amchi-mumbai roommate with a strong Marathi flavor!
I simply LOVE her.
I could stay with her again if I get to. She was so alive, so smart & so stupid. I had some of the best times of my life with her. She helped me explore Bombay more than I could have. We did some shit crazy pranks while we stayed together, creating troubles for our landlord. She was always ready to hear my boring & whiny stories while I came back from my internship at the hotel. (Sometimes good ones about how I met Bollywood stars!)
She loved shopping & had a good touch of materialism. She was my Rachel Green.

A dentist now

Well, a long list. I know! But, we are halfway there.

………to be continued


Sunday, October 14, 2012

I do!

Ok! So this is my sincere, honest and strong attempt to do this one thing, which I desired to do since years - write a blog!

Now that I have a good time on hand, I want to make it possible. To give life to this blog, that has been sitting dull since months. I wish to live up to my expectation to write more frequently or at least jot down the random thoughts that wander across my mind.

For now I have just posted some old stuff, so that my blog wont look sadistic! But, I promise to come up with something good soon.

So do I promise to love and to cherish this blog for as long as we both shall live?