Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 things I would take to the grave

I have never embraced materialism because I don't find ever lasting happiness in it. On the other hand, I easily gain attachment to the things, that embarks a particular memory in my life.

I am a strong Arian. I carry my whole world with me, wherever I go. I love preserving things that remind me of something or someone & there are few things I would want to keep forever.

1. I never had a passionate or a cheesy affection to Eiffel tower, like most people have. Neither did I feel anything different when I saw it for the first time however; it secured a special place in my life when I went to the top of the tower with my husband.

This is a miniature Eiffel tower my papa (father-in-law) gave it to us. It’s very exquisite & the work is so detailed. If you set up itty-bitty people & a tiny city around it, It would appear as realistic as the real one. I think, its one of the most beautiful thing I own. 


Another Eiffel Tower! (the one on the right) 
This was gifted by my dad when I was departing for France. He is not expressive but, I was really touched when he removed this tiny silver Eiffel Tower from his pocket & gave it to me at my farewell party. 
It is now attached to our home keys. 

3. My music box

I am crazy for this little wonder. I was awed when I saw it. I bought this from the gift shop of Château de Fontainebleau  (The palace of Fontainebleau) located around 45 minutes from Paris. 
Fontainebleau is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It has a wide area covered by a forest, popular for hiking & that lovely place on earth where my husband proposed me!

It has the picture of Napoleon Bonaparte on the box & I would like to believe that the music box was made during his times & he left one for me!!
It produces a very fine & soothing music when you churn the handle. The sound is created by the steel bristles rolling over the tiny embossed dots on the cylinder. I could play with it the whole day & not get enough of it.


I am a huge fan of stationery, especially Ink pens. The silver pen is the watermark Ink pen, the first gift from my husband & the blue pen is the pen we signed our marriage certificate with. It says the name of the mairie of France where we got registered. 
Both pens wrote the beginning to a splendid journey & I would like to preserve it for the rest..


Ahhh! Another vintage collection. This pocket watch was gifted to me by my brother on the occasion of rakshabandhan. It is very elegant & precious. It has a nice smudgy copper color, a long chain with a clip & the Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame & the Arc de Triomphe of Paris embossed on  it.

I don’t mind sounding dork. I love pocket watches!!


One of my other obsession – Candles!

I love them in any shapes or sizes. This lantern was sent to me by my mother-in-law. She bought it from a store in Paris but, it looks very rustic & ancient like it was from olden days. It holds tealight candles & has a chimney on the top to push the aroma of the scented candles. 

Ahhhhh.. Blissful!

“Yes, I will!”
Do I need to say more?
It’s the box of the ring my husband slipped in to my finger while I was sleeping, on a flight!! This, I would definitely take it to my grave! 


I actually bought this one for my official chore, while I was working but, I ended doing a lot more with it. It has almost all my sketches, quotes, some Kurt Cobain lyrics, journal entries & very little work stuff!
From then, it has always been with me & has become a very important part of my life.
Yes, the guitar sticker on it is pretty ruined!


I am not a flowery, ornamental person but, at weddings you do everything! I bought these flowers along with my white dress & wore it in my hair on my wedding in France. It was an official wedding to sign the marriage certificate in the court as my husband is French.
I kept the dress in France, as it was too heavy & huge to get here but, I brought these beautiful little flowers & they would always stay with me as a memory of that special day.


I never knew this ritual in the Indian weddings before, as I hardly attended any!
They make the groom & bride wear this chain from the start & usually stays with them, until everything is finished. I have to still find the real purpose of this but, I loved how we had to be at a close distance all the time because of this chain. =D
On the right is the photograph, showing how it's worn during the ceremony. Again, something that reminds me of the special day.


Isn't this the sweetest. It’s a pendant or a key chain  whatever one would say. My husband gave this to me on the wedding day. I was quite surprised, as he is too robust to buy gifts like this. After our wedding he had to leave for the US & I had to stay back in France to finish my studies.

Separation right after marriage! Duhhhh..

He removed the groom from the ring & asked me to keep it. He kept the bride! (So cheesy! I know.) 

When I moved back with him here in California, we united the couple & they now sit happily on a Frame!


There it is! A few tits & bits of my life I would want to keep with me forever..
There are few more, at my parents' house but, I would post them once I visit India.

I know this list would never stop...



  1. You've git a awesome writing skill..... Keep it up ... Its fantabulouslly amazing..:)

  2. Things, all by themselves become old and mundane. But when they get associated with memories and people, they become special and invaluable. Very well written..:-)

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  5. The writeup was really nice and I loved the collection of things you mentioned. :)

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