Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Tyrion Lannister is the most unique character ever written

Game of Thrones is an ocean of characters. It is filled with lovers, fighters, rapists, whores, dragons, wolves, Hodor, witches, cannibals, walkers, pedophiles, incestuous, slashers and what not.

And among all those abnormalities lies Tyrion Lannister. The Imp.

Tyrion is a very underestimated character. Obviously, the most likable characters on the show are Jon Snow, who is too charismatic for the girls to resist, Arya Stark, who kicks asses with her tomboyish charm and Khaleesi, because let's face it, she is hot, have an army larger than the ants and have dragons for kids. So what makes Tyrion, the best?

Most of the characters on the show are either too weak or too strong, too beautiful or too ugly, too good or too evil, however it's hard to find a correct adjective for Tyrion.
We can start with 'relatable'. While the aspects of other characters looks unreal and fictitious, we can easily relate to Tyrion. He is one of us. He is like you. He is like me. Even though he is righteous, he is flawed. He is utterly, viciously and gorgeously flawed.

He is a dwarf.
He is scarred.
He is addicted to alcohol and whores.
He is insecure in his own skin.
He hates the way he is.
He is too afraid to stand up against his own family.
He don't have the strength to be with the woman he loves.
He understands what is right and he still can't mend things.
He is helpless.
He is not perfect.
He is flawed.

But we still like him. He is fiercely witty. He believes in good. He is not heartless. He hates morons. He is the only person who gave Joffrey a hard time. Remember when he slapped him?
More satisfying than getting our back scratched by someone

He make us have faith in the Lannisters. He faced the Batlle of Blackwater like a boss. He respects Sansa, even though he had the liberty to do whatever he want. He is one of the most unfortunate character even though he is a Lannister. The love of his life doesn't believe in him, his own family hates him to the core, his most trusted friend ditches him, he is controlled by others, he is a tragic hero, but he still manages to be empathetic towards people.

Regardless of all these goodness, it is his physicality, his scar and his flaws that makes him unique. Had he been a Jon Snow or a Jamie, with the good qualities he have, he would just end up being a normal guy. The dynamism of his character makes us like him and care for him. He has sentiments that no other character posses. The other characters on the show are too involved in their own stories, their revenge or their goals, but Tyrion alone fights for the good.
And just as he said, he didn't let words of others cut him. He took the name they gave, made it his own and didn't let anyone hurt him with it anymore.
He was always a delight to watch and I liked him from the start, but it was the trial scene from the sixth episode of season four that compelled me to write this post. Skip the video if you have not watched that episode.

I am sorry Arya Stark. You just got dumped to number two on my GoT's favorite characters list.

Peter Dinklage took this character to another level with this trial scene. It is impossible to explain his flawless acting in words. Every word out of his mouth is like a reward for losing all the good characters in this show. His speech is like a roar of a lion and it gives us goosebumps. 

Therefore, I rest my case. Tyrion Lannister, you are guilty as charged for being too awesome.

Mr. George R.R. Martin, oh you good, clever, weird, evil old man, please don't take him away from us or

"I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you're safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid."

P.S. I request all the commentators to not write any spoilers for the sake of good manners and humanity.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Exactly and perfectly similar thoughts. Okay, I agree you had a lot more than I did, but the point is they are almost the same.

    George R.R. Martin is a vicious writer. You can expect the unexpected. And it will crush us like the last season. But I hope for the best. And quoting his own words in the end, well again, I couldn't agree more.


  2. U have expressed the best words could abt Tyrion, loved the .gif s

  3. My favorite characters on the show are Tyrion, Arya, Jon Snow, Petyr, Tywin, Cersie and Dany. Dany slipped right from the top to the last spot. She's getting too boring nowadays. Tyrion being a dwarf and Jon Snow being a bastard(atleast until now :P) are the main reasons their characters are so compelling. They have been hated and ridiculed all their life for being something that they had no control over. No matter how good they got or what good deeds they did, others still look at them in the same scorning way.

    Also in the same episode, right before the 'Trial by combat' speech, the way he reacts when Shae falsely testifies, utter brilliance. I'm going to sit on a dharna if Peter Dinklage doesn't win the Emmy this year. :-)

    1. Wow, your choice of characters is very brave. I don't think I'll be able to like some of them. Hahaha.
      I agree about Jon Snow and Tyrion.
      I thought the same when I watched the trial scene episode. This man should get all the awards.


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