Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If Friends was an Indian Soap Opera - Part 1

 1) Watch "Kahini Yaaron ki" starring Chandar Bisht, Manisha Gerewal, Rachna Garg, Ronit Gerewal, Jai Thirwani and Phoolan Bedi.

2) Ronit is a professor at IIT who always talks about motors.

3)  Rachna works at Shopper's Stop, while her best friend Manisha is a chef at Barbeque Nation

4) Phoolan Bedi plays tabla and her boyfriend Mihir is an excellent Harmonium player.
(P.S. You can play "Tune maari entriyaan" song on the above gif  and it would totally go with the whole song. Don't forget to say thank you, if you laughed.)

5) We have still not figured out what Chandar does for living, but he was invited twice to Comedy Nights with Kapil.

6) Jai is a struggling Bollywood actor and stars on a hit TV show "Ye din zindagi ke".

7) All the friends hang out at the local chai stall called "Chandrika Park"

8) Gunther is a young shirtless boy called Chottu

9) Chandar's ex-girfriend Jenisha wears heavy Georgette sarees, with twelve layers of make-up, larger-than-the-forehead bindi and says -
while the camera flashes thrice.

...to be continued.

Watch out this space to know more about "Kahani Yaron Ki"

I realized very late that today was the tenth anniversary of Friend's finale. I was feeling guilty about not having anything to dedicate to one of the best companion I've ever had.

was there for me, anytime I was low, anytime I wanted to cheer up, anytime the rest of the world was shut down on me. I've come across a lot of other sitcoms which might be funnier than Friends, but there will be no show, no other television characters that would touch my life like they have.

Let's raise our glass to one of the most terrific show in the history of television and the hundreds of hours that we've spent on it.


(If you belong to the Friends Fan Club, let me know about your level of craziness)


  1. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah 'CHANDRIKA PARK' and ' TUNE MAARI ENTRIYAAAAAAAAAN'
    How awesome are you?!

    1. A little less than you! :)

      Did you try listening to the song on that gif?

  2. haahahhahahhahahha!!! that photo of Phoolan Bedi and Mihir.. ufff! You have accurately given the Indian touch to all our favorite characters.

    I cannot put to words how much close I feel to these six people. I haven't stopped watching friends since many years. I think I am on the fourth or fifth round of the whole series. There is a part of who wants to see them together again but then there is this bigger part of me who is happier the way things are. The charm of 90's and friends.. I don't think it can ever be recreated.

    1. Same here. I constantly hope they have a reunion, but read just a week ago how the makers denied of any kind of reunion. They are right. They don't want to spoil the image by bring it back.

      I might have watched all ten seasons for more than seven times. So that's more than 800 hours of my life.

      I must go jump from some building!


  4. hahahah ohh god Phoolan Devi :D I loved those GIFs too :D
    what a parody you did of Friends :)

    1. Thank you. I didn't get proper time to make it a little better.

  5. Loll it was funny how you said someone would be playing harmonium! And by the way who are these indians you mentioned? I had heard of phoolan devi......

    1. Have you watched the sitcom Friends? The names you are talking about are just parody Indian names I gave to the six characters of that sitcom. They sound like their names on Friends.
      Phoolan Devi was an Indian dacoit. I gave the name Phoolan Bedi to the character whose sitcom name was Phoebe Buffay. She is weird, hence Phoolan.

  6. Hahahaha this is soo awesome!!! 😁!!!!!

  7. LOL! What a desi take on Friends :) I'm a person who is new to Friends (I know, I know! But better late than never!) and I must say I'm loving it!

    1. Trust me, you'll enjoy it more when you watch it again. First time is just about getting acquainted with them.

  8. Wow! This is so awesome :) I too love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. :-D Waiting to read more :)


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