Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random things every Indian mother tell their daughters

  1. Why do you keep a cell phone when you don't want to answer it?
  2. Get off that phone. NOW!
  3. Get off the laptop. NOW!
  4. Shaadi hone de, tab pata chalega. (You'll come to senses, once you get married)
  5. Prakash mama was talking about a boy, he is 25, Engineer, good looking.
  6. Why don't you want to get married?
  7. Ladka dekhne me kya harz hai. (What is the big deal in looking guys for marriage)
  8. Social functions ma jaai toh 2-4 manas sathe odkhan thai. (Gujarati for- People would only identify you if you are social) (loosely translated as, "you'll start getting marriage proposals only if you attend social functions!)
  9. Ashok uncle's daughter is already married and she is only 20. You are 21! Kuwari rehna hai kya? (You want to stay un-married your whole life?)
  10. I was a mother of two at your age
  11. Why don't you ever cook?
  12. At least wash the dishes
  13. Don't make me get up. Don't make me come up there.
  14. Why don't you ever clean your room?
  15. I am not the maid of this house.
  16. Ek baj gaye. Why can't you sleep early? Saat baj gaye. Why cant you wake up early?
  17. Don't use that tone with me
  18. Aane de papa ko! (Let your dad come home)
  19. Don't you have anything else to wear?
  20. Those pants are too tight. That t-shirt is so loose.
  21. If you don't oil your hair, they'll turn white soon.
  22. You have a million friends.
  23. (on the phone) Call me when you reach. (10 minutes later placing a call) have you reached?
  24. Facebook ki exam deni hai kya? (you want to appear for a Facebook exam?)
  25. Teach me Facebook. What is YouTube?
  26. Look at abc. How smart she is. Learn something from her. Look at xyz, why can't you be like her?
  27. Learn something from your sister. (To my sister) Learn something from your sister.
  28. It wasn't easy in our times.
  29. In our times we worked really hard.
  30. In our times we didn't have so much luxury
  31. In our times girls didn't have so much freedom
  32. Wait for five minutes until my serial ends. Wait for just 30 minutes, my favorite one just started.
  33. An extra roti wont hurt you.
  34. Why don't you walk enough. You are starting to put on weight.
  35. One day you'll understand me.

Huhhh? Huhhhhhh? Have I missed any?      

      I don't think I even have to mention how all of these gave me more happiness than any kiss or hug on earth could've given me. Regardless of what I mentioned above, you are one of the coolest, liberal-est and swag-iest  mom on earth.



  1. Ha ha ha..I enjoyed this one a lot.."You'll come to senses, once you get married"...and this one also.."Why don't you want to get married?"'s still unanswered in my case..and this lovely one that I miss a lot now-a-days.."An extra roti wont hurt you." :)

    1. Yeah. I know. Those two questions are like those big essay questions which sums up all the marks however, we don't know the answer. We always fail.

  2. Spot on! I kinda welled up reading this. I miss my mom. Even though we skype almost everyday, it still sucks being away from her.

    1. Ditto!
      I first had to check if she was at home or not. I now have to check if she is online or not!

  3. And I don't know, how many of you got that meme of Nirupa Roy. We had a ritual while I grew up, to wash our hair every Sunday. It was our favorite day as we could sway our hair like Rapunzel. Monday was the oiling day. We HAD to put the coconut oil every Monday morning so that she could comfortably braid our hair for school. lol

  4. Mothers, they're all the same :D
    Nice one there.
    Happy B'day to her.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Yeah, they are all injected with the same motherly hormone.
      Thank you

  5. This is some serious serious serious research. I hereby award you the honorary double post graduate degree of Indian motherology. You can also have a permanent chair in any Indian saans bahu university. I can't stop laughing.

    1. Hahaha.. Your comment made me laugh. Thank you for the award however, there was no research in this.. it was pure experience.
      And being as modest that I am, I give up the chair in the Indian Saans Bahu University. I am under qualified for the same.

  6. I'd was awesome...simply awesome... :)
    no further comments... :P

  7. Hilariously awesome!
    No doubt I could relate to every inch of this post. :D
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! :)

    Hey, I have used this idea in a bit of a post I wrote for my mother. Was already late with posting it so didn't ask you before. If you don't like this, please let me know, straight! Please.

    1. Thank you so much Srishti. And as long as you are not copy pasting it, it is okay. Writing is all about inspiration :)

  8. aaha :) and Point 35 sums it up all....... :-) superb !

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