Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mandatory Year-End Post

2014 has been the most productive year of my life. If this year wouldn't have taken away a beautiful soul from me, I would have given 2014, the best year tag. I did some pretty amazing things like,

ü  Learn a sport (Tennis. Reached Intermediate level)
ü  Learn a form of dance (Ballet. I can do Pique Turns without falling or fainting. So that's something)
ü  Travel a lot (traveled for 31 days through land, water and air)
ü  Visit a new country (Canada. That's a fourth country in a row, one per year)
ü  Read good books (Oh, yes. I didn't read as many as I wanted to, but read some great ones)
ü  Do something selfless and meaningful (volunteered at an animal shelter and donated hair)
ü  Create art (I sucked here, but it was better than last year)
ü  Watch great movies (some of the best ones and abundant in quantity)
ü  Cook a lot (fancy, non-fancy, everythang!) 
ü  Discover a new cuisine (courtesy of my friend Jessica, I got to roll all over Korean cuisine. I made Kimchi at home and tried a lot of other Korean recipes)
ü  Hug one of the the tallest tree to exist (what? That can be a milestone)
ü  Make new friends (I am worst at this, but made a great friend this year)
ü  Reach 1000 followers on Facebook (925.. meh, but close enough)
ü  Write more on blog (hmmm.. ya... moving on)

That's a lot compared to all the other years of my life.

2014 also marks a 10 year anniversary to my nomadic life. Exactly 10 years ago, I left my parents' house to make a life of my own. Nothing has been stable ever since. Life's been one hell of a journey. I never got to stay at one place for more than a year (except for my current place), never had a house of my own where I could have my own room, stayed with some 30+ room mates, some of whom were gold, but some plain nightmare, got degrees, worked with amazing employers, tasted some ridiculously tasty food around the world, but also slept with empty stomach on numerous nights, traveled A LOT, visited six countries, met amazing people from different cultures, but also cried to sleep at night missing home and family, had great days, met worst days, smiled, wept, fell, got up, achieved, lost, gave up on few ambitions, experienced something new, read, and evolved. Evolved into a much better, smarter and wiser being. 10 years younger me would definitely lose against the current me and I am proud of it.
The best part was meeting my other half. That was the highlight of this decade. A big, bright one.

Life only got better and steadier after it.

2014 motivated me to do even better next year. Apart from all the things mentioned in 2014 list, which I want to do more in 2015, I want to attempt new goals like,

Open box Learn a new language
Open box Make a difference to someone's life (small or big, doesn't matter)
Open box Learn Guitar (my guitar bag is catching mold)
Open box Write a lot on blog (pretty simple)
Open box Write boldly and shamelessly (a huge goal for a person who think a lot from reader's perspective)
Open box Have a timely schedule (meh)
Open box Stop procrastinating (meh2 )
Open box Be there for my family
Open box Be more tolerant and less critical
Open box Be a better person
Open box Be happy

2015, I'll see ya soon.

Be nice.



  1. How come you people have all the time in the world to do almost every single thing in the list?
    January 1st, 2014 was just yesterday for me. And in 2 days time the same day with a new year will present itself and before I know it I would be reading your achievements of 2015 while drafting some new plans for 2016.

    Nevertheless, you have had a great year. Pretty awesome one, I would say. So, 10 years. Wow. Wait, how old are you? :P #justKidding Frankly speaking I kind of envy you. You have done a lot of things. And I agree it hasn't been easy but you never gave up at any point. Kudos to that.

    I would conclude by wishing you a very happy new year and make many more memories. You already are a better person, so you could strike that off already. :D

    Take Care. :)
    Keep writing. ;)

    1. I hardly cross one thing off my list that is why I was super happy this time and called it the most productive year of my life. Mainly because I learnt a lot of things rather than doing a lot of things. We all learn and do a lot of things. I just noted stuff I did rather than noting things I didn't do. I am sure you'll come up with a lot of such activities too.

      Hahaha, I am 27. I skipped Jr. Kg ;-)

      Wish you a rad new year too. You are a much better person.

      Thank you

    2. Well, someone has to start somewhere. And that happens to be this year for you. And at least you did things, a lot of things actually. I wish that were true. So, I was going through all the stuff-I-wanted-to do-in-2014 and realized that I just pushed them to the list of 2015.

      Damn, you are young. Now, I envy you more. :P

      Why, Thank You! :)
      Haha, I wish that were true.

    3. I wish you all the best for 2015. I am sure you'll do great things.

      And it's true.

  2. Just like Ajay pointed out ^ I envy too. Not you, but all the energy that you have got.
    I doubt if I'll even be putting up any such post on 2014, though I really want to :/ #exams

    But all things apart, I loved reading this. Kicks in a lot of inspiration, you see. Like learning Tennis. I had enrolled into it few years back, but had to give up in just a month. I hope to get back to it in some years.
    aaand your vagabond life! though I see it all in posts and pictures, I really wish to live a similar life <3
    And there, I wish to do a lot of things, yet again! :D

    Happy life!
    Keep writing. Keep living.

    1. Like I said to Ajay too, it wasn't a check-list. I basically listed things I did. You should think about things you did, too, rather than things you didn't do. Trust me, if I can have that kind of energy, anyone can have it. I am not kidding.
      Thank you, Srishti. I am sure you will do much better things than me.

      Happy New Year.

  3. I feel so intimidated by you right now. 2014 was used well by you. I might copy a few of your 2015 :P

    1. Teehee... Thanks Red. Your journey isn't dull either. I like reading you.

  4. Wow, your 2014 was one super-duper hit! Wish you a happy and an even better 2015 :)

    1. Thank you Keirthana. Wish you the same. :)

  5. Looks like 2014 was super productive !!! You can be proud of yourself ! I am adopting the 'Be more tolerant and less critical' goal which you set for yourself in 2015 !

  6. Wow! You seem to have achieved my life bucket list in just a year. AWESOME!

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