Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Book Bingo Challenge.

What better way to bring me back to blogging than a Summer Book Bingo Challenge.

I am right on track with my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge. Out of 24 books that I want to read in 2016, I've finished reading 11. Add me on Goodreads here - GOODREADS - if you want me to catch up with your reading challenge as well. I was a bit bored with watching myself being the goody two shoes. So to spice it up a bit, I am participating in My Life As A Teacup's Summer Bingo. It's like a bingo game, but with books!!!

You basically check off  the challenges in a row, either up, down, across, or diagonally to win. For clearer rules and info about the prizes, check out Kristin's blog-

I'll keep on updating about the challenge on my Facebook page or here, if I have more to say. Let's get started with the strategies.



  1. After a long long long long...time :P i am reading somebody's blog. And that my friend is yours. My life right now is so unproductive that from last one month even i am completing my goodread challenge :D I had very bravely taken up 24 books for a year challenge. By now i am quite proud because i have already finished 21/24. Will surely go and follow you on Goodreads.
    How are you doing?

    Take care!

    1. Wow, your comment brought so many bittersweet feelings. I got sad about how much I've neglected this blog. I am coming here after weeks just because I saw you commented through my email notification.
      Although, I am very very happy to see you after such a long time. I had a 24 books/year goal for my Goodreads Challenge too!!! Which I completed this month. Accepted your request there. Really glad to see you again!!
      I am doing great, working on my first novel, hoping to publish it before this year ends. How have you been?!

  2. Hey,

    So nice to see such a long reply back to my comment �� And so happy that you remember me.
    Congratulations both on the challenge completion as well as on your novels progress :)
    I have not been keeping well for a week now, have got dengue. Want this fever to end asap.

    Rest I am trying to do things that I had stopped doing and trying to do new things as well :)

    Take care ❤️

    1. Hey, I am very sure your dengue is cured by now. Haha..
      Sorry for the late reply. I am coming back to my blog (and actually blogged a bit) for the first time after I replied to your comment. I hope you had a good 2016.

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