Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Donate your hair

Charity is never meant to be announced, but charity, like a lot of other important issues needs awareness. A part of this donation process was to spread awareness and encourage others to donate, specially if one has access to a huge number of crowd, which I do. Therefore, instead of cherishing this noble feeling all by my myself, I thought of sharing it.

About a week ago I chopped off 14 inches of my hair to donate to a non-profit organization called Children With Hair Loss. When I read about hair donations on a website, I knew the very second I wanted to do it. After doing a bit of research, I found CWHL. Adults can deal with  understand physical changes like losing hair, but children can't. They go through a lot of mental crises. They lose their confidence and self-esteem. They are often bullied which pushes them more on the dark side. Organization like CWHL accepts hair along with monetary donations. The donated hair is used to make wigs which is then given to children with hair loss, for FREE! (the cost of which could go up to $2000/above 1 lac rupees).

Why donate hair?
Human hair is precious even though it is available in plenty. Almost all of the human hair is supplied to the beauty industry, where they are made in to wigs, which are then sold for unbelievable profits. Tons of hair shaved in India for religious purposes is also supplied to Europe (check the documentary here) where they are sold for profits. This buying and selling of hair business leaves only artificial hair available at cheap prices.
Children and adults suffering from serious diseases like cancer, go through hair loss because of chemotherapy and other hormonal changes. Buying a real hair wig is almost impossible for a normal person with all the heavy medical bills they are already paying. Organization like these, with the help of our donated hair, help these patients gain physical normality and self-confidence in the form of hair wigs. Hair is just a superficial part of our body, but it does bring a lot of changes to our appearance, which is again a superficial trait, but it means a lot to a person who has already lost a lot of their body to evil diseases.

Why I donated?
I am not going to lie. I had second thoughts. I always loved long hair. The last hair cut I had was around 2 years ago. I never had short hair for almost all my life. Even though I knew I wanted to do it from the very moment I read about it, I always kept wondering if I'll be okay to accept this huge change. Then I saw these pictures on CWHL's Facebook page.

And I thought, to hell with my hair. I would give everything that I can to bring that kind of smile to a suffering child. I didn't have to think anymore. I went to the salon next day, got as much hair as I can in a ponytail, chopped according to their guidance, filled their form, put my hair in a ziploc bag and mailed them.

Why CWHL? 
I chose CWHL because,
1. It was for children.
2. It is not just for children who lose their hair because of cancer, but also for children suffering from Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other disorders that causes hair loss.
3. It is old and trustworthy. No scandals or cheating.

Celebrities donating to CWHL

 4. Unlike other organizations, they accept colored, chemically treated or gray hair. (mine was ombre colored). Other organization also demands for minimum of 10 to 12 inches. CHWL is okay with a minimum of 8 inches.

How to donate hair in India?
I researched about hair donation in India and found these two organizations. I do not speak for them or guarantee their integrity. If anyone in India is interested in donating their hair, they can do a little more research and go for it. Please let me know if you are aware of other such organizations in India.

Hair For Hope - India (an international organization)

UPDATE FROM AUGUST 2018: I recently donated my hair in India to a very reputable organization called Cope with Cancer. The procedure is very simple as mentioned above. 

For more details, visit their website -

Cutting your hair is painless unlike donating your blood or an organ, and it grows back. So what is there to lose? Go for it! You can make someone's day life by doing something as simple as this. For us, it's just an accessory, for someone it's something to look forward to on a crappy day.

If you are running a hair salon or a beauty parlor, you can initiate and help this cause by encouraging your customers to donate hair or sending the chopped hair to non-profit organizations like these.
If any of the readers donate their hair, do share your pictures or stories with me on my Facebook page and I will be more than happy to share them. It is the action of one that encourages the action of second. Together we can make a difference and bring positive changes to unfortunate lives.

Lastly, I want to dedicate this donation to one of the most important person of my life, Nidhee. 
This is for you my love.
I miss you SO MUCH. I am sure this will make your day, wherever you are. I know you are smiling right now. :)


  1. wow! this required courage gal! u r awesome !! btw ur new hairstyle loook cool too :D

  2. Wow, never knew about this. Sadly I have too less hair and I myself was considering buying a wig. To make up for it, I will spread this kind of donation awareness to my friends :)

    1. It's the thought that matters. Thank you Keirthana.

  3. This is such a touching gesture. I will surely research on the ones in India and spread the word :)

  4. Hey Dhara, what you have done is really commendable. I guess still they people who think beyong profit and loss in this world. And there is very little something in blog for you. I hope you like it. Please do visit. :)

    1. That is so nice of you to say. Thank you Namrata. Heading over to your blog.

  5. Woman, if I was anywhere around you, I would have give you a bear hug. Proud of you. :)

    1. Ahh bear hugs are my favorite. Best thing in the world. Thanks Red!!!!

  6. You are a brave heart and also heart-warming! I know hair is very important to women and no one would like cutting off. But what u had done shows your confidence level and modern thought. I think that haircut gives you cute look :)

    Hats off Dhara

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Jeevan. I am sure a lot of women are willing to do the same.

  7. What you did is simply amazing, totally inspiring. Only recently I found out that people donate their hair and I was very much interested interested too. But unfortunately currently I have short hair.

    What you did is wonderful! Keep inspiring! :)

    1. Thank you so much. I found out pretty late too, but I was lucky I had really long hair to donate. No problem, you can always do something else, if not hair. :)

  8. Awesome girl ! Way to go !But to tell you the truth you look prettier with short hair ;)


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