Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I need to stop.

The past couple of months have been tormenting and frustrating, with everything that is going around in the world. It reflected on my blog. I always try to keep a balance with my blog posts however, the recent ones were all filled with anger, sourness and sadness.

I am still not out of it. I am still furious with what is happening. I still want to write a lot and talk a lot about it but, I shouldn't do it right now. I NEED to bring the happy vibes back, at least for a while.

I am trying my hands on poems again, I am trying my hands on fiction, I am trying my hands on something different, which I believe have never been on anyone's blog. I need have to make space in my head and my blog for these things.

I would be glad if you could come up with any suggestions that might make the blog more readable and cheerful. Tell me something I can write better.

Till then, I would hum and dance with decadence in my own dark swamp.

Love and rockets,


  1. Hi Dhara,
    I perfectly relate to what you are saying. So much happening around the world , and the best voice that you have to speak out to the world is your blog. And you are doing that, effectively !

    Even this shall pass ! Keep writing those poems and stories, and pour your heart out. The waters won't be muddy for a long time ! Cheers !

    1. That is the best thing I've heard in a while. Thank you for that boost.
      Does'nt matter. I'll make castles out of that mud..
      Cheers! :)

  2. Write what comes to your mind. If it is filled with anger and sadness, its a way to let it out. And if its filled with happiness, its a way to share it with others. :-)

  3. Write all about our 8 beautiful wonders of bilimora!!!!:)

  4. When you first started blogging, I thought Dhara was a little student trying to write stuff on her blog. Like the poems, they bring out so much innocence. Why change now Dhara? I would love to write with those emotions of yours..but unfortunately if i'm angry I just cannot channel my anger into something as constructive as an article. You have a gift, in my opinion. Don't throw it away :)

    1. The only two poems that I wrote were dark and on soldiers. I am surprised you found innocence in that.
      Of course, I would never stop writing on social issues. They are the only ones that actually make me feel better and worthy.
      Thank you.

  5. I too would sometimes go through these emotions. Clearing my head and then starting fresh often helps :)


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