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The Exact Tasting McDonald's McVeggie Burger Recipe

Every single person who've tasted the McVeggie burger in India, somehow wants McDonald's to serve those burgers all around the world however, that is not the case. They are only available in India.

Being a vegetarian, I am always in the hunt of a good tasting burger but, most of them are either beans or mushrooms burgers, here in the US and they aren't that delicious. So I tried to figure out the recipe for McDonalds McVeggie burger and I was quite successful in gaining the exact same flavor.

To fulfill the wish of relishing this burger, everyone in India would prefer to drive to their closest McDonald's and order the same to dig into the burger in less than 5 minutes. However, if you are outside India or enjoys cooking like me, this is the closest thing in fulfilling the wish to relish McDonald's McVeggie. There is no other recipe on internet, trust me, I flipped the Google inside out.

I regret not taking pictures but, I would totally forget to write the recipe if I wait until I make it again and click the pictures. So drool over this picture I borrowed from Google.

P.S. The ingredients that I have used may not be the same used by McDonald's, however they would give out the exact same flavor.

Yield: 2 burgers

2 Sesame Burger Buns
2 lettuce leaves (I used Iceberg) (I guess McDonald's uses Green leaf lettuce)
2 slices of Tomatoes
2 slices of onion
2 cheese slices (I used Lucerne Swiss cheese)
2 cubes cheese spread (I used The Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spread)
Mustard sauce
Mayonnaise (any kind)
For Patty:
2 Medium size boiled potatoes
1/3 cup boiled green peas
4-6 tbsp bread crumbs (if not readily available, grate a stale bread with the lightest pressure)
1 tbsp all-purpose flour/corn starch (maida/corn flour)
A pinch of red chili powder/paprika (optional)
A pinch of cumin seeds powder
Oil just enough to coat the pan

To make patties for the burger:
  1. Mash the boiled potatoes and add the boiled green peas.
  2. Season the mixture with red chili powder, cumin powder, salt and pepper according to your taste. Add 1 tbsp all-purpose flour/cornstarch.
  3. Add 2 tbsp bread crumbs and keep the other 2-4 tbsp aside for coating
  4. Combine the mixture well. If the mixture is too moist to form a patty, add a little more amount of all-purpose flour/cornstarch until the mixture is firm.
  5. Heat a non-stick pan coated with oil.
  6. Shape the potato mixture in to a patty of around half-inch thickness and the size same as that of the bun. Coat the patty with the remaining bread crumbs. Cook both side of the patties on the pan until golden brown or until the outer layer is crisp. The bread crumbs and the flour would give the perfect texture same as McDonald's or any ready made Patty.
(for making the patties crispier and of restaurant level, you can set up a breading station. Vegetarians can substitute egg with an equal amount of all-purpose flour and water mixture. Coat the patties with this method before cooking them on the pan)

The buns:
Now, the way you use the sauces on your buns is completely your choice. I however, used this method:
  1. Neatly cut both the buns from center. Apply butter to both top and  inside of the bottom bun.
  2. Apply a coat of Mayonnaise, Mustard sauce and cheese spread on the inside of the top bun.
  3. Place the slice of cheese on the bottom bun and melt the cheese. There are different ways to do so. Either place the bun and cheese slice on the pan and cover for less then 20 seconds or microwave the bun and cheese slice for 10-15 seconds and you can see a layer of slightly melted cheese. I would prefer the former option as that would also make the bun a little crisp.
  4. Place the patty on the melted cheese. Layer it with a slice of tomato, onion and a lettuce leaf. (I really don't remember if McDonald's India uses onions and tomatoes but, they don't taste bad)
  5. Stack it with the top bun and there, there you have the exact tasting McDonald's McVeggie burger.

Serve with French Fries. I am sure, this would not only taste like McVeggie but, this is also a healthier version unlike burgers served at McDonald's. (If only, one could see the way McDonald's operate)

Please let me know if there is any confusion with the procedure. I would be happy to help. Also let me know, if anyone tries out this recipe. 

Writing this recipe have given me more joy than writing any other post on this blog has ever given to me. I would do this often.

Happy Cooking! 


  1. Okay, first of all, that made me drool and very hungry.

    I will try out your recipe. If not me, I will tell my mom to do that. I am a terrible cook.
    Well, thanks for the recipe. If this works out for me, I wouldn't have to go to McD. :P

    1. Moms are life saver! If you abandon McDonald's just don't let them know about this post!! =D

  2. Like AK, I'm drooling here :P I'm into cooking and I'm definitely gonna try out your recipe especially because it's so much more healthier! Hey and, I'm a vegetarian too :P

    I nominated you for an award! You deserve it even more after sharing this yum recipe! Check out the award here:

    1. Yayyy for the vegeterians!
      Let me know if you try this recipe. I would love to know the result.

      And thank you Ruya for nominating me. It's an honor.

  3. Add some fish sauce to the recepie that's what McDonald's add to the veggie burger
    Ps:I work at McDonald's India

    1. Yayy! A McDonald employee.
      Fish sauce in a vegetarian burger? This ingredient would come as a big shock to all the vegetarians in India who hog on these burgers. I wouldn't use it as I don't consume fish products.
      Anyway, thank you for commenting.

  4. This is so cool,, amazing McDonalds recipe. I will try this for sure at my home for my babies. They are very fond of McDonalds burgers. Dear Do you have any ideas how many McDonalds are there around the world?

    mcdonalds around the world

  5. They are the most delicious veggie burgers I have ever had. I served them on homemade organic flat bread and a Dijon slaw.

    1. Aww.. thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it. Dijon slaw sounds yumm..


  6. awesome blog ! it is my first time visit i here. looks for delicious. spicy burgur , especially spicy fast food, i love fast e food. thankyou for

    shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan


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