Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If only, I could be..

1. A Guitarist
That's SLASH! 

2. A Dancer
Any form. 
Oh, what the hell! Every form.

3. Lead Vocalist in a rock band
She is one of my favorite vocalist, Amy Lee from Evanescence.

4. A Painter
I can bath in colors

5. A Pianist

6. Chef Garde Manger
Chef Garde Manger is a chef who crafts cold dishes like salads, hors d'oeuvres, terrines etc artistically in a cold, ventilated area.
I also have a three month experience in this area. That counts, right?

7. An Author
Who doesn't want to be?

8. A Food & Wine Connoisseur
Someone who has a great deal of knowledge about cuisines and wine and an expert judge in matters of taste.

9. A Chef
Okay! I can make my peace with being a chef in any kitchen department. My personal favorite: Bakery and French Cuisine.

10. A Scientist
A vague term, but a scientist in any field is a dream come true. I just need a lab to stay in all the time!

11. An Archaeologist
This should actually be at the top of my list. I love history, I love wandering around to nowhere, I love knowing about the eras that existed thousands of years ago. My name itself means "Earth".

12. A Zoologist
For just one plain reason- I LOVE animals!

13. A Botanist
After animals, plants and trees are my best friend.

14. An Astronaut
Again, who doesn't want to be?

15. A Spy/an FBI agent
Maybe, I watch too much TV, but, yes, I so want to be someone who rushes to a crime scene on getting a call.

16. A Gymnast 
My mother wanted me to be one because she felt I had no bones!

17. A Scuba Diver
There is nothing as naturally colorful as the under water life.

18. A Skydiver
Because I want to fly.
19. A Wildlife Photographer
Animals and thrills and photography? An intense yes. Probably in the rain forest.

20. A Firefighter
To help and save people.

21. A Soldier
Again, to help and save people.

22. A Philanthropist
She is Anuradha Koirala from Nepal. My biggest inspiration. A social activist who saved more than 12,000 girls from sex trafficking. She restores my faith in humanity.
(please watch the video on YouTube, which I've linked under her name above)


....all of them in one life!

The Math:
1-5 would act as a therapy and would satisfy the aspiring artist in me.
6-9 are professions I can really act upon and achieve them because of my relative educational and professional background. (except for 'Author')
10-14 will keep me close to science, as I always wanted to be.
15-19 are for the adventurer in me.
20, 21 and 22, for making this world a better place to live in.

2 of these options can get me killed by criminals.
3 other professions could break my bones.
2 of them can probably convert me into a dinner for animals.

So for now, lets just build castles in the air


  1. First of all, you are a good write. So, you can definitely be a good author. So do give it a try in writing a book.

    If only I could be - All in one Life.

    1. Thank you but, I really need to cultivate the dedication needed to even start being an author. Haha..

      If Only...

  2. Beautiful
    Loved all the clicks :) all professions
    you can try them all in your stories
    good lck

    1. That is such a smart idea Afshan. Using them in my stories. I am really working on my first fiction piece. I will try to blend in this professions.

      Thank you for reading.

  3. Awww! This sounds something like I'd like. Wonderful post Dhara :-)

  4. :)Nice dreams to cherish. We all have such kinds of imaginary castles and sometimes these are our motivations.
    Thanks a lot for your visit on my blog:)

  5. Hey it was a great post..

    And i watched the video at the end, quite moving!

    All i can say is best wishes for all of your wishes! :)

    Happy Life.

    1. Thank you. Her and Him > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJZoOGXIXQU, have been my biggest inspiration. People like them makes the world a better place to live in.

  6. I am already the first one! Well sort of! I am also kinda in the vicinity of the 4th one. I have already tried the 4th one, didn't work out very well for me :P. I am a lazy 7th one. Really want to be the 8th one, and I will never quite be the 2nd one I guess, (Sigh!) but a great list... I definitely like the last one - the cherry on top :) ...


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