Friday, February 28, 2014

Woof Woof!

Hewo Humanz,

I is Cannelle. Mufmy says d cannelle means d cinnamon. I is a three year old Yorkshire Bichon puppy. Tooday is my buffday. In d humanz year I juz turned 21. I can drinkz and marry now. I stayz in the cold, but beautiful Paris. I logged in to my mami's bloggerf and postings my cool pucturz. I is very awesome, trust me.

I love eatyz, playz, nappyz, sunshines, different foodiez, window lookingz and bedyz. I doonut like big doggyz n disturbance while sleepyz. I kiss d familiz a lot. We call it d bisou.

I stay wif my mufmy, grandpapa, grandmama and small mama. My biggerz mama and mami stay awayz. Dey all are d humanz, but dey are familiz.

Check me out. I is purdy.
 Wen I was one year old. I is cute wif brown earz. Mufmy sayz I is Cannelle beecouse I has the brown earz.

I like d colorful drezzis. I is a bride now.

 I is jealous of my buffday gift.

 I love the snoweyz. I feel like white cub. Ament I the heroz?

 The humanz from d familiz did the chrimus tree. I check.

 Shoppinz time. I pickey my food.

 Very loohtle option for d toyz.

 Ohh waiteez. I found something me like.

 I like the brown onez.

 I get thiz, humanz?

 Shoppinz for some style. Many doggiez come to see me in d park n say "bow WOW"

 Come out n playee with me mateyz

 I love lap nappyz in the car.

 My favorite spot in the homey. I get sunshines n I do window watchingz.

 Sunshines is crayzy. They movin and shiftin :(

 What is d dealz wif you sunshines?

 Humanz caught me in my baggie. I love me baggy. I hatey when someone touch itz.

Tis is my house.

 When I angry wif d humanz, I hide here and watch dem find me. Dey say I is very spoiled n stubborn .

 Winnie is sooov irritatinz.

I is skypez wid mama mami in d Amurica.

I told yew I love the bedyz but only the humanz bedyz. #messyhurrdontcare

 Toyz I like not for long time. I get bored.

 Amint I the purdiest? 

 I was sick so I take my monekyz n sleep.

 I don like when d humanz liv me and go. I angry den I cry.

 Wen dey come for d vacationz I keep an eye on dem so that they don't liv me n go.

 D familiz are sometime annoyin

 oooo wassuuf! I was jooz catchn the nappyz.

 I hate clothez beecouse I is the nude artistz.

Dis is my pick-me-up-humanz-or-I-get-mad pose.

Okeey, I know you liked me. Nize to meeeet you. If wonz I know you, I always love you.

I go now for the eatyz n wayt for my buffday cake n gift,


Cannelle (wooof)


Can't believe she just did that, but yeah, she is awesome that way.
Happy Birthday my baby. I miss you. 


  1. This was so so cute! Cannelle is soooo cute! ^_^
    You made this post such a fun thing to read, Dhara! Just loved the pics..and the captions! Loved them more.
    God! Someone help me out of this overload of cuteness! :D

    1. Hahaha..I have reached a point where I now wait for your comments.
      Cannelle says Thanf youz :D
      You should see the last picture of her cutting the cake, which I added after you comment because it was clicked after this post was published.

    2. And yes, I did see that! Now, I'm just wishing that our GSD was that cute too :P
      I've never really liked dogs but pups do earn a few caresses from me...but now I feel I should start acknowledging our pet's presence :D

    3. *important point missed*
      Thanks for the first line of your reply ^_^

    4. I love German Shepherds. They are the cutest and wolf-iest. lol
      You are very welcome Srishti.

  2. Awww cannelle is so pretty :)
    I came here after a longtime and have a big smile on my face bcz of u..Feel like cuddling with cannelle..
    I am sure to follow you cannelle :D

    1. Thank you Alcina. I haven't been on your blog, or anyone else's blog, from a long time as well. I need to catch up. I am glad I brought a smile on your face. :)

  3. Cute post. Nice dog. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Andrew.
      Thank you for the wishes.

  4. ohh myy guushhyyy muusshyyy gawd :D cuteness overloaded :D

  5. I really felt Cannelle typed all this ! OMG !
    It is bful :) and a cake for him/ is it her ?? !
    U must be really in love :)Great collection of pics

    1. Yes, she has more pictures in our cell phones and camera than anyone else. It's her. She is a female.
      Thank you Afshan. Seeing you here after a long long time.

  6. I izz lovez zis....:)

    A lovely way to wish a happyz birthdayzzz to Cannelle :) She's so sweet !

    Dhara, please hop in to my latest post. You're in for a surprise :)

    1. Cannelle says merci. Hopping to your blog now..

  7. Happy birthday to your little cutie. You're good at this, Dhara... I never even saw your lips move. ;)

    1. Hahaha.. right? Should I look up on a career in puppet shows?

    The way he cuts cake. DAMN!!!!

  9. I iz a naked artizt...gahahahahahahahaahahahahah

    1. Hahaha.. She really hates clothes. We like getting her new cute clothes and when we put her in it, she goes all stubborn and won't lift her ass up. She'll just frown until she is out of it.. lol

  10. I am convinced that I am a cat person but every time I see a dog, I waver. And such a cute dog at that. She just makes me want to pick her up and cuddle. Happy birthday to cannelle :-)

    1. Thank you Nandana. I am an animal person, if that makes any sense. I can have/want any animal as my pet and I would still love it.

  11. Oh, I love you, Cannelle. You should check this out too.

    1. Wow. A complete blog written by a dog! Cannelle says she is intimidated.

    2. Oh! And she also says, I love youz too.

  12. So cute. Also, love your blog name.

  13. Your doggy photos are really cute :D
    Apart from that, I have nominated you for an award on my blog. Do visit it when you find appropriate :)

  14. D. This is so funny and cute. I love the way this has come out. Now you better get back to this blog before I let the dogs out. :)

    1. Hahaha.. I will surely get back to it. I know I've been a lazybutt.


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