Friday, December 13, 2013


Click here - My Cactus Dress or search for 'mycactusdress' on instagram.

I tried sharing pictures through blog, but that came out as a miserable idea. So I GOT AN INSTAGRAM for the blog too. Please follow to see and share all the goofy pictures I will be posting like of food and crafts and drawings and Christmas trees and Starbucks and birds and bird poop and puppies and lights and socks and water and sunrise and sand, basically everything under the sun. I am also going on a 45 days vacation to India and France in two days and will be sharing a lot of travel pictures.

I am sure we'll have fun. Share your Instagram user ID as well.

Let's talk with pictures!


  1. Hey,
    Been a long time since I came here. I apologize for that.
    Coming to India? Cool. Have a safe trip.

    I just followed you on Instagram. \m/

    And wait! 45 day trip means you won't be blogging, is it ? #JustAsking,

    Anyway, take care.
    Keep writing. And yeah lets' talk with pictures. :D

    1. It's okay. I was MIA for a long time too. Yes, I am also coming to India. Very excited. Thank you for following. I am not sure if I will be blogging, but I have 1-2 post that are in drafts, almost ready to be published. Would publish them during holiday.. Dork, am I not?

      Thank you, again.

  2. Followed you! Enjoy and have a safe trip.:D
    Instagram- @aquamarineninja

    Hopelessly Hopeful

  3. Please note that you may want to order 1 size up from what you wear. I ordered the XL for a size 13 wearer, and it was a little small, but thankfully, we are still able to use the dress.

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