Sunday, October 14, 2012

I do!

Ok! So this is my sincere, honest and strong attempt to do this one thing, which I desired to do since years - write a blog!

Now that I have a good time on hand, I want to make it possible. To give life to this blog, that has been sitting dull since months. I wish to live up to my expectation to write more frequently or at least jot down the random thoughts that wander across my mind.

For now I have just posted some old stuff, so that my blog wont look sadistic! But, I promise to come up with something good soon.

So do I promise to love and to cherish this blog for as long as we both shall live?



  1. And thank goodness you do..:-D Went through some of your stuff..:-) Neat work..Looking forward to more..

  2. Hiii :) I liked your blog, design and writeup stuff :) keep updating!!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog.
    Yeah we should follow each other! Lemme know when you do! :-)

    Tanuja <3

    1. Thank you Tanuja :)
      I followed you already & read your owl dress. Beautiful!


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