Thursday, December 13, 2012

Letter to 16 year old me

16 year old me

Sup!!! you little nerd.

Yes, it's me and yes I called you nerd because at present no 16 year old sits home all day & watch Captain Planet!!
Right now, you are too young to understand what I really want to tell you and probably too old to make you do stuff I want to make you do so, I am just gonna go ahead and tell you some straight facts.

Drop that cheese cube right now!! Do not listen to anyone asking you to put on weight. Your future husband likes you skinny!
There is no perfection like being yourself. You'll go way above every person you want to trade your life with.

Marriage is not melodrama, quit watching soap operas. Now! I am not gonna burst the bubble, but you are going to acquire things you wouldn't expect in your wildest dreams.

There is NO place like home. Na uh...

No, India is not where you'll stay forever. You can cry now.

Cherish every moment you have with mom and dad. You have very less time on your hand

Treasure & love every girlfriend you have right now. They are the only one sticking to you until eternity, no matter how many friends you make on your way.

You get disciplined with age - myth.

Your body grows with age - myth. You are gonna stay the same size. Make your peace with it.

You would actually "love" working!

You'll see places.

Read, read, read and read a lot.

On a lighter note,
You'll love Phoebe more than Rachel, once you watch all the seasons!

That huge movie, your classmates talking about - do not regret on missing it. The lord of the rings is over rated.

On a wiser note, life right now seems so limited to you, but its not. You have a lot to see, a lot to experience & a lot to learn however, there is one thing I want you to know. Sometimes, even after winning everything you craved in life, you are never contended just because the journey wasn't right enough. Does the end justify the means? Yes and no. You'll find the answers!

Righteousness and humbleness - Never ever leave this two guys
The only reason why the best person on earth seems annoying to you right now, while a mediocre manages to capture a place in your heart - Humbleness. Be modest to everyone you meet on your way. There would be nothing that would make you feel better than that.
Globally, the world is going to evolve a lot faster than you could ever imagine. I know how happy you feel right now with the first email account you made yourself, but that's NOTHING!
You are going to shop, lying lazily on the couch wearing your sweats!

Relief, isn't it?

Leave the worries & live every moment like there is no tomorrow. Make mistakes, but learn from it. Dream big. Life is beautiful and it will shape you in to a respectful adult.

Unfortunately, this informative letter is not changing anything that is gonna come ahead, but there is nothing precious than receiving a cool letter from a much better you! eh!

A little older, but wiser,