Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Partners in crime

I have always been an indoor person. An ideal day would be inside four walls, sipping caffeine, reading or watching movies. No matter how hard I try, I never feel joy in stepping outside  my door step and spend time in crowd.

And much to my tremendous luck, I have my other half who is the mirror to my this social awkwardness. So be it our birthdays, anniversaries, valentines or any you-need-to-get-out-and-party day, we prefer settling our asses on our couch and watch movies and television series.

The  first movie we went to, as a couple was Taken-2. As much mild and non-violent we both are, we like violent, bloody (in literal sense), R-rated, guns, axes, bullets, bazooka and bomb movies. We find odd pleasure in it. We worship the movie Inglorious Basterds and Jules Winnfield is our bad-ass icon.
So, every time when I unexpectedly land up on an article or go through social media, where I learn that couple should have some light leisurely time watching romantic movies or have a candle light dinner, I feel the need to do something couple-y just so that we don't turn out to be Mickey and Mallory some day.

So we decided to watch either a rom-com or a classic love story this weekend. Most of the good ones were already watched, so I consulted Mr. Google and decided on "Before Sunrise"

P.S. Before Sunrise is a beautiful love story where two strangers meet on a train to Paris and decide to spend a day in Vienna before they depart and never see each other again. (something very similar to our story).

Ethan Hawke (Jesse) strikes up a conversation with Julie Delpy (Celine) on the train, asking if she understands what the fellow passengers (a German couple) were arguing about. 

Me: "He must be evil. He is so suspicious. I think he would turn out to be a drug dealer, framing Celine."

a few minutes later....

The couple consult some locals in Vienna asking what places were worth visiting.

Me: "Wait! Is he Quentin Tarantino? These two are gonna chase the shit out of them!"
Hubby: "No, I think they are going to put up some funny act in the end."

some more minutes later...

The couple crosses path with a palm reader who tells them beautifully and metaphorically that they both are stardust and they shouldn't forget that, while walking backwards on the road.

Hubby: "Whoah! I think a bus is gonna crush her bammmmm!!" (that didn't happen, of course)

We both stared at each other, switched off the movie, finding ourselves totally incapable of watching a simple movie with no evil or thrill.

We savored a bloody episode of Dexter and went off to bed!



  1. I am a die hard romantic and love watching love stories but this one way way too boring for me, in spite of being a classic.

    I still went ahead and watched the next part - Before Sunset and I must say I loved it. :) try watching that one.

    1. Oh! wow, I didn't know about its sequel. Well, next time when my romantic bone is very much active, I'll surely watch that one.

      Thank you Akanksha!

  2. You both sound adorable. :D I love you loving Inglorious Basterds, okay?

    1. And I love you loving that movie too, okay?

  3. Hahaha! Rom-com's are not for you Dhara :D

    You should totally watch Django Unchained, it's wonderful, a bit less of the violence that I'd like, but a great watch nonetheless!

    1. Nandana You think Quentin Tarantino would dish out a movie and I wouldn't watch it as soon as it gets out!! I liked it too along with the violence! :D

  4. No words, your blog is amazing! Definitely following you! :)