Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being Mrs.

I know, very obvious. Almost every girl born ends up being a wife someday, at least an Indian girl does. However, those of you who knew me well, also knew I wasn't someone who would be one, definitely not this soon. But, yes that happened & for good.
I dreaded from the idea of being in a wedlock because somewhere I always knew I was not ready. I coherently kept pushing & made my master’s degree, another excuse to get away from it. (sneaky, I know!)

MBA degree promises a lot of prospectus & ambitions but, who the heck knew my MBA degree would promise me a husband!!

After finishing half the duration of my MBA, I met my love in Paris. My husband describes our first encounter in a much better way than I do but, for me it was not ordinary either. It was something I never ever imagined to be but, as they say, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. In no time we made our decisions, as he had to leave for the states for his Phd.

Getting our wedding dates was faster than the growth of likes on Eminem’s Facebook page!

The wedding was as random as my acquaintance with my husband.
I was an exceptional bride, who stayed with her husband & in-laws before the wedding & flew to the parents’ house 15 days prior, to attend her own wedding. 
Epic that was!

Indian weddings – yes, another reason I dreaded away from marriage.

Heavy dresses, shopping for them, layers of make-up, loud people, crowd, stress, parlor appointments, arrangements, socializing, inviting people, ughhh!!!!!
And to top it all, I only had 15 days to do all this as I had to return back to Paris, get a nice white dress & have another official wedding there!

Acne grew like unwanted weed in monsoon (gross!) because of the heat & stress & the junk food I hogged on, like India would soon be apocalyptic & there would no Indian food left!

I do not hesitate to whine because at the end of the day, I didn't mind any of them, when the moment came to stand beside him. 
To know that I would have the support & love of this wonderful man until my last breathe, was more than any random horrifying thought.
It was then, I realized, THIS was all I ever wanted..

I don’t even know how & where to start talking about my husband.

Okay! Let me try..

According to our Indian tradition, when the groom proceeds to the bride’s venue to get married, he is supposed to sit on his horse cart and from a good number of feet above the ground level, gaze around his insane, intoxicated dancer friends/relatives & brood about his last few moment as a bachelor.

From time to time he is pulled from his throne by one his loud uncle or his friends to join them and lift his feet & hands a couple of times. Particularly, the groom hesitates & denies with a constipated smile, sometimes genuinely and sometimes because of the pressure of being the groom.

And how much of a relief it is for the bride to live in this obvious scenario however that wasn't for me. My marriage date was postponed from 19th Jan to the 20th Jan because my crazy husband wouldn't stop dancing & arrived after 12 at midnight.
I think believe he forgot he was the groom & presumed he was some contestant at a dance reality show. He got rid of all the garlands & all that he is made to carry & kept dancing on his cart, until he was allowed to step on the ground and dance like Psy!

For the whole time, everyone around kept asking about who the groom really was because he didn't look like one. Unlike our classic scenario we talked above, it was him who pulled me, his friends & brothers to start dancing with him. He was dancing like no one was watching.(FYI, he wasn't drunk) He tore his foot wear & he still complains about how uncomfortable the dhoti was, disabling him to dance freely!! (Why am I complaining? Does it not mean that he was over joyed to marry me! *blink blink* =D)

And here I have this beautiful video to explain him visually. This is when he was forced to go back to his throne, wear the garlands & be ready for the rituals as they were already late. 

That's the classic Indian song on weddings

Yeah, that’s him!

Yeah, his cousin sister was embarrassed.

P.S. He was warned by the cart rider to stop doing that or else he had to get down!

And having this crazy person in my dull, boring life is a big giant cherry on the top. You won’t see a single chuckle on my face while watching the funniest movies. I really don’t know why. The concept of laughter is hard for me but, this very person makes me laugh with tears in my eyes & an urgent rush to the restroom. 


He made me realize too many things I wasn't able to see in the illusion of my own concepts. He made me believe if I can’t be myself, I can’t be anything. He teaches me how simplicity is better than any complexities of life. He makes me like myself, making me apparently like everyone around me.

More than love, I respect him for what he is. He is my mentor, my best friend, my parent, my motivator, my love & my soul mate.

Home is where he is. 

With all these frills comes a lot of responsibilities & duties along with a marriage but, for me, life couldn't have been simpler. I confess on getting lazier than I ever was. I was never so free, mentally & physically. Though I admit I was a workaholic & I loved being one, a part of me wanted to do a lot more and I have all the doors open now.

The only difference I see is the livret de famille (a kind of a marriage certificate in France) sitting in my drawer.

To sum it up, marriage isn’t that a big fuss people talk about, if it’s with the right person. For now we are two crazy buddies who eats marinara sauce every alternate day (more than the Italians), mock Salman’s & Akshay’s raunchy hilarious dialogues (dontttttt angry me!!), run World War II movie marathons, sing Troy & Abed Spanish rap & cherish the whole world, inside our own little home! :-)

In case, one wants to know, I sing Troy 's lines & he sings Abed's!!!



  1. WoW ... It was like reading a story of an angel who lives happily here after... I must say it was the best one. Super like .

  2. I like this post so much: so deep and so lovely it explains how I feel about my husband!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to win an N&K Designs arm party worth $200!!

  3. Hi dhara,

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog the other day and liking my photography :)

    Yes marriage is sometimes thought so big and messy but this actually depends upon us on how we create and see it. For me not... I'm not yet ready :) Lets see what it brings on.

    Lovely post!

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)

    1. One day you will be ready too.
      THank you Tanuja :)

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog dear!! I’m following you back!
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  5. Thank you Dhara, for sharing your journey with us. It was really interesting to read about the occasions leading to your wedding. I am happy for both of you. God bless both of you.
    Thank you also for leaving your kind feedback in my blog.

  6. So sweet loved reading it. It truly expressed every feeling of yours.

  7. This is like so freaking awesome to read your love/marriage story and the visuals as well are so amazing that one can actually feel your wedding happen... :)

    Hats off to your love story.. Loved it like anything.

    God Bless! :)

    1. Thank you for taking time and giving solid feedback to my posts.

  8. "To sum it up, marriage isn’t that a big fuss people talk about, if it’s with the right person"

    You've summed it up very well.

    I'm yet to get married. And, I always thought how much life would change after marriage. But, as you said, it wouldn't change so much if it's with a right person.

    I'm glad to see that it didn't change much for you too (despite being an Indian woman) :-)

    You write well :-)

    1. Exactly. And like me, you wouldn't even get time to figure out, when everything happened.
      Thank you, Haresh.